Financial Translation

Financial Translation

IvyForce’s financial translation team, which leads the Korean financial translation market, consists of over 40 financiers from investment banks and provides financial translation services for a number of banks, private equity funds and investment companies.

We perform a lot of professional translation of quarterly and semi-annual earnings reports as well as business reports prepared for submission to Korean and overseas financial authorities. Our translators with experience in the financial sector use the appropriate style and terminology for natural and accurate translation. We have also been performing professional translation of prospectus, brochures, financial news, and blockchain white papers.

Client confidentiality is an essential part of financial translation. IvyForce protects valuable confidential information of clients based on high business ethics of financial experts and the internal policy of prioritizing security.

Key Clients of Our Patent Translation Services

Our financial translation team provides financial translations for a number of private equity funds, venture capital firms, investment banks, and law firms specializing in financial law.

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